David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation Wildlife (DSWF) Artist of the Year Event 2020

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation Wildlife (DSWF) Artist of the Year Event is

in its 13th year and this event goes from strength to strength. It’s an internationally recognised competition bringing together a wide range of wildlife artists and art lovers from across the globe.

David Shepherd (1931 to 2017) was a popular British Artist famous for his paintings of steam locomotives and wildlife. During his career he became one of the worlds most outspoken wildlife conservationists with his work raising huge sums for animal conservation.

Image credit: Becky Thomas DSWF

He founded the DSWF, a wildlife conservation charity funding key projects across mainly Africa and Asia. It aims to fights wildlife crime, protect endangered species, and engage with local communities. https://davidshepherd.org/

The Wildlife Artist of the Year (WAY) embodies his vision of “the art of survival” using art to support wildlife conservation. Much needed funds are raised by the artist entry fees and 50% from sales proceeds, in fact over £1.2m has been raised since 2008, what an amazing effort.

The chosen finalists usually show their work at the Mall Galleries, London in late May when the winners of each category are also announced.

Sadly, this year the physical exhibition is cancelled due to Covid 19 pandemic, but the majority of the final pieces are available to see online at https://davidshepherd.org/events/wildlife-artist-of-the-year-2020/ between Thursday 21st May and Sunday 28th June 2020.

Its an amazing line up showcasing the diversity of wildlife, different art mediums and the artists passion for their subject. I feel privileged to have two of the 159 exceptional finalist artworks which were selected from 1200 entries and 53 countries.

Please do have a look at the online exhibition and if you would like to vote for my work for the People’s Choice Award and be entered into a free Prize Draw then use the links below.

For “Feather, Flight, Freedom (Rooks)” click here: https://davidshepherd.org/wildlife-art/artwork/feather-flight-freedom-rooks/

And “The Eye of the Murmuration (Starlings)” click here: https://davidshepherd.org/wildlife-art/artwork/the-eye-of-the-murmuration-starlings/

Any support you can give the DSWF will be gratefully received.

Thank you.